Welcome to the brand new CETT.
The leading Higher Education Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy in Barcelona.

For 50 years, we have been offering experiences that have made us move forward, learn, innovate and make progress. Motivated by our 50th anniversary we consider this to be the best opportunity to rebuild our identity.

We continue to provide training, transforming and shaping the future of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy.

Aesthetic experience

This new brand identity is dynamic like our ever-changing environment, bright like creativity and unique and contemporary, as any reference centre should be.

New Brand for CETT

CETT provides an educational experience where, through practice, students fully live their progress, both professionally and personally. As students experience this they connect with their environment and with others; this being a core value in all fields of expertise at CETT.


50 anys


Fonts for today and tomorrow

Steradian Font has been designed in Barcelona. It is a contemporary and geometrical font, created for ease of use in digital environments.

Colour range

Versatile and flexible colours that adapt to the various demands of the new brand and its graphic communication.

Graphic resources

Our communication possibilities are endless by using a circle as the identifying feature of our brand. Graphic features interact with our logo thus creating a graphic experience in each composition.

Descriptive system

Our new brand expresses dynamism and brightness which are reflected in these texture combinations. Alongside colours, texture helps identify the educational area each material belongs to.

Descriptive system

A changing brand

CETT has a visual language system that allows the brand to use its components to cater for all communication needs.





A brand for the future, alive, digital, to be used in all kind of applications. The logo animation is built on the concept of “Through experiences” and it represents the movement that leads towards new experiences.

New goals, new experiences and one challenge: continue to be the leading centre in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy in Barcelona.